In This Issue

Please note that publication of the Boho Tarot Journal has been suspended. You may still access past issues via our website. Thank you!

Join us as we explore igniting your inner fire with Tarot through advice, spreads, messages and creative offerings. Plus we’ll chat with some of the most creative dreamers and doers about how they inspire and empower others through Tarot!


  • Discover Igniting Your Inner Fire with Tarot with Emberlyn Chase.
  • Join us for a chat with Ethony, Jessi Huntenburg, Theresa Reed and Jenna Diaz as they offer advice on Following Your Tarot Dreams.
  • Explore The Unknown Path to Unleasing Your Fire with Zoe Howarth, creator of Sacred Wild Soul.
  • Deepen your practice by Personalizing the Tarot with Sam Lofgren of Companion in Shadows.
  • Fuel your inner fire with a Tarot Doodle by Kimberly M. Tsan, creator of Fables Den.
  • Take a transformative journey with a Channeled Reading on inner fire through Ker Cleary.
  • Read your Tarot horoscope through reversals in A Skewed Perspective with Valeria Black.
  • Plus tons of great spreads, indie decks and more!

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