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We are always looking for light-loving individuals to bring their unique and creative energies to the Boho Tarot Journal.

General Submissions

We are currently seeking submissions for:

Tarot-related Articles: We are always in search of insightful, informative and creative information to share with our readers. We invite authors, professional readers, deck artists, and other creative spirits to share their wisdom.

Unique Spreads: Do you have a unique spread you’d like to share? We’re looking for interesting and in-depth spreads that inspire, guide, or offer support. Spread submissions should include detailed reading instructions and entertaining narrative.

Indie Author Spotlight: We are interested in interviewing Indie authors and artists who share their creative and artistic energies through Tarot.

My Tarot Story: We would love to hear about how Tarot makes a difference in your life and supports your personal growth. Stories should be first-person narratives that entertain, inspire and move us.

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Share Your News

We are also seeking Tarot related announcements, news and releases including:

Indie Deck Releases: Are you creating or publishing your own deck? We want to hear about it!

Indie Author News: Got some exciting news about your Tarot projects? Share it with us!

Tarot-related Events: Hosting a Tarot-related (either online or IRL) event? Let us know!

Handcrafted Tarot-related Product Releases: Do you create handcrafted Tarot-related products? We might want to share them!

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Become a Columnist

In addition to our normal submissions, we are also seeking columnists.

If you are interested in writing a column for the Journal, please let us know!

*Please note that columnists receive a full-page ad in each issue where their column appears in lieu of monetary compensation.

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Need Assistance or Have a Suggestion?

Have an idea for something not listed here or just have a question? Let us know at and we’ll be happy to help!

*Boho Tarot reserves the right to refuse any submission for publication. We only accept content that will be of specific interest to our audience, meaning your submission must relate to Tarot, holistic lifestyles or alternative spiritual practices.